Nikki - Owner/Leader of the Pack

Steven - Senior Sitter, All Pets

Bella - Got Paws? Mascot

Hi! I'm Nikki, Pack Leader here at Got Paws. By my side are my love, Steven, and my girl Bella. My daughter actually found Bella, homeless, & had a "Mom, can we keep her?" moment. How could I say no? And she has become an integral part of our family and kind of the Got Paws mascot! 

Steven has been with Got Paws from the beginning. As Got Paws grew, he started helping out at the busiest of times. 

He quickly fell in love with all of the pets—and it was clear they also fell in love with him! He is now working with

Got Paws full time, and he loves spending his days with all of his furry friends.

I have always had a passion for animals and a desire to provide the best service possible for both pets and their people! These things allowed me to grow my one-woman, animal-loving show into the family of sitters we have today! We have a team of devoted and dependable Pet Sitters

that I love working with and I know you will too! I am so grateful for the bonds, friendships, and family spirit that are shared between us as a team, with the pets that we lovingly care for, and with the clients that trust us and become part of our Got Paws family. Thank you so much for sharing your fur babies with us!

Amanda has had a love for animals her entire life. Her parents always thought she would become a vet, but she says it would've been too hard to see them in pain and suffering. Instead, she became a photographer so she can give pet owners lasting memories of their happy & healthy pets! When she's not working, she's spending her time spoiling her rescue "tripawd", Bodhi!

Amanda - Senior Sitter, All Pets,

Office Assistant, Home Boarding

Victoria - Office Assistant, Sitter, All Pets

Victoria has been an animal lover her whole life. She has had dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and even a Savannah Monitor lizard! Victoria is a mom of three human children & three fur children(two Dachshunds and a kitty)! Her human children are quickly becoming as passionate about animals as Victoria! She loves meeting new fur friends & is excited to meet yours! 

Forget Got Paws, Got Hooves?! Bettina loves them

all, big and small. She cares for her own horse

and kitties each day, but loves spending her

spare time caring for your fur family! Her

connection with all types of animals is

amazing - she can truly read them all. 

Bettina - Sitter, All Pets

Sam - Sitter, All Pets

Sam has had an unmatched love for animals since she was very young. Before joining the Got Paws team, she worked as a pet sitter and then office manager at a pet-care company in Sherman Oaks. After looking for something more local, she knew right from the get go that Got Paws was the perfect place! In her free time, Sam enjoys being with family, friends and her three fur babies Scooter, Coco, and Buster.

Michelle has been dreaming about opening a dog hotel ever since she was little. She hopes that one day that will actually come true! She has such a love for all animals and has two rambunctious dogs and one feisty feline at home. She has been involved in dog obedience training, and loves caring for animals and has grown up with them her whole life. Michelle always enjoys taking care of animals and looks forward to taking care of yours!

Michelle - Sitter, All Pets

Valerie - Sitter, All Pets

Valerie is a long-time animal lover, but dogs in particular have always had a special place in her heart. After seeing how much fun her daughter Sam was having as a Got-Paws sitter, Valerie knew she had to get a piece of the action! Working at Got Paws has proven to be the perfect side-gig to her corporate position and she can’t wait for the opportunity to meet your pets!

Susan's love for animals runs deep and she cannot remember a time without them. She grew up on a small ranch in Acton with dogs, cats, horses, sheep, and chickens. Currently she is owned by two cats and is the resident dog walker at her condominium complex. She is an active volunteer with the rescue 

"Heaven On Earth" and spends much of her free time working local adoption events. She understands that every pet has a unique personality and their own little story to tell. She is fluent in "woof" and "meow" and cannot wait to discover what your fur babies have to say!

Susan - Sitter, All Pets

Claire - Sitter, All Pets

How could it ever be possible to fall in love with so many animals that don't even belong to us?! Well, Claire likes to consider it a gift that she's been given! To love and be loved by animals so intensely, is a blessing beyond anything else. Claire has been working with animals for nearly 10 years. She has extensive knowledge in pet nutrition and holistic approaches to care, and is always available to help new pet owners with the little quirks that come along with new animal ownership. It is a pleasure and a joy for her to serve the furry SCV community with Got Paws!

Nadine was born and raised in SCV. Growing up, her family had a ranch in Newhall so every animal you can imagine were her first pets! She currently has a little Yorkie named Jojo and 2 kitties, Jax amd Keno. Nadine loves caring for all animals and enjoys their unique personalities. Everyday is a different experience that she looks forward to! 

Nadine - Sitter, All Pets

Steph - Sitter, All Pets

Steph is a Jersey Girl that relocated to SCV and absolutely loves the weather here. She has 2 pups of her own, an energetic English bulldog that she rescued and an awesome Puggle that has been with the family almost 11 years. Steph also has a cat of 17 years. Along with her four legged kids, she has 4 human kids ranging in age from 12 to 17. Steph is excited to meet some new furry friends and is looking forward to being a part of our Got Paws? community.

Paula is the type of person who will spend an entire party playing with the pets. She grew up in the Midwest with a loyal dog, two Budgies, and a tank full of fish. She fell in love with cats during college and now has two lovely kitties, Sebastian and Penelope. Her favorite activities are ruffling ears, scratching chins, and rubbing rumps. She can't wait to meet your furry, feathered, or scaly friends.

Paula - Sitter, All Pets

Karen - Sitter, All Pets

Karen has been caring for pets for many years in the SCV area. She has a strong love for the outdoors and is always willing to provide your pet with the exercise they need; whether that is a casual walk, an easy jog, a fast bike ride or a simple loving snuggle on the couch. Karen will be there to provide whatever is in the BEST interest of your pet while you are away so you can relax knowing that your pet is being loved as if it were her own. She has a great respect for all animals and her compassion is undeniable!

Patti is a cat lover to the core. In addition to having a couple kitties of her own she also works part time at PetSmart. If that wasn’t enough she is also a cat sitting extraordinaire for Got Paws. Meow!

Patti - Sitter, Kitties

Linda - Sitter, All Pets

Linda is a life long animal lover. She has adopted dogs, cats, bunnies, and even chinchillas as her furry friends over the years. Even though she rescued two kittens just a few years ago, she still has more love to share and takes care of other people’s furry babies as if they were her own! She could not be more responsible, organized or caring!

MaKenna is my daughter and is starting to take on pet sitting jobs under my supervision. She is an animal lover at heart. I have all my own personal animals because of her rescue efforts. Her compassion and kindness towards animals is bar none. I love that I can share my business with her.

My son, Timothy, is the youngest of all my helpers. When he is not in school, building Lego mansions, or playing Minecraft, he is by my side helping me scoop food, acting as a bird perch, or giving animals an extra pet or two. My son is incredibly sensitive to animals and always respectful

of their needs.

***MaKenna is now 21 years old and Timothy 15, so obviously these profiles are way out of date!! I leave these here as a time capsule and reminder of all the love and support my family has given me over the years.***

MaKenna - Sitter, All Pets

Timothy - Junior Sitter, All Pets